The message your business headshot is sending about your brand

headshots for professionals in the SF Bay Area Gretchen Adams PhotographyHeadshots have become a unique marketing tool in online and print advertising. Although this type of photography was once primarily considered to be the kingdom of models and actors, many business professionals are finding that clients consider it very comforting to know who they're doing business with. These professional pictures give your prospective customers an insight not only into your services but also into your personality, as a lot of information is conveyed by just seeing your facial expression and stance.

the science of facial reading

Although we don't always note it consciously, we make judgments about people from impressions that can last as short as 100 milliseconds. These quickly formed opinions are a combination of your upbringing, environment, and also the way the brain fires off messages. What’s important to remember here, is that the brain registers certain features and expressions in order to evoke an emotional response. From an artistic standpoint, we refer to this as "aesthetic." From the standard perspective, it's simply the way you achieve a greater openness and sense of empathy from your clients. Subtle aspects, such as how deeply your mouth is turned upwards or how widely your eyes are open, will evoke different emotions from the people you're trying to reach.

At Gretchen Adams Photography, we can help you achieve professional headshots that will really speak to your audience. Not only can we take flattering pictures to promote you and your business, but we can also guide you when it comes to achieving your most honest expressions. We understand that simply smiling isn't always the answer to attracting new people.

the nature of realism

Another aspect that your customers will tap into very quickly is how real a visual appears. Although headshots are posed, our trick is that they are naturally posed. We often take a series of shots so nothing in the photo seems strained or forced. Your forehead, neck, and jaw line are all places where this concentration is most obvious, but when you have your photographs taken in a relaxed environment, you let go of that stress and let the real you shine through.


A frequent problem that people have when they try to take their own headshots is when it comes to understanding that a static picture can still have flow. You may notice that do-it-yourself photographs can sometimes look like a moment frozen in time, rather than an instant that has simply been candidly captured on film. A photo that "flows" will give you the impression that there is activity happening both before and after that picture. Your clients will interpret that impression as a result of your personality showing through the picture. From there, trust is built.

If you'd like your customers to get a real sense of the relaxed and vivacious you, then a call to Gretchen Adams Photography can do the trick. We can take your headshots at our studio, in your office, or even outdoors. This way, your professional image is also your true image.

picture personality

As a representative of your business, you want to convey your personality and the purpose of your work. A headshot can effectively show this to your customers. You're basically giving people a brief, but vibrant, insight into who you are and how you can help them. When that first impression is made in as short as 100 milliseconds, you want to make sure your customers get the right message.

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