Gretchen Adams



Hearth and Home Sessions

Hearth and Home sessions are take place in the comfort of your own home. Now, don't worry, you do not have to have a grand estate in order for your home to be "portrait-worthy", we can create gorgeous meaningful and sentimental portraits in any location. Click the button below to see some examples of portraits created at our clients' homes and hear about the benefits of a session at home.


Location Sessions

 The entire Bay Area is our studio and we are constantly discovering new and amazing nooks and crannies that will complement any home decor. From beaches, to vineyards, to parks, to hillsides, from casual urban, to formal arches and columns, the San Francisco Bay Area has it all and we love scouting out new spots that will enhance our clients' interior design. Click the button below to see some examples of our on-location custom sessions.


Senior Sessions

Not all of our portrait sessions involve the entire family. A lot of the time we are photographing just one family member who has hit a special milestone, like graduating from high school or college! A stylized senior portrait session is a rite of passage and an all around fun! Click the button below to see some examples of our recent senior sessions.