Sami's ready for Prom!


This evening was a lot of fun. My best friend (for the past 25 years) brought her beautiful daughter, Sami, over to my house so I could photograph her in her prom dress. Since she hasn't found the perfect pair of shoes yet, I had to keep the shots close up, but I couldn't wait any longer as the cherry blossom trees that I wanted to photograph her under will not be holding their beauty for much longer! SO...if YOU want to capture spring time portraits that show off the blossoms, mustard fields, or wildflowers, don' t put it off much longer! I still have a few more spots available before the flowers fade, but you gotta call me ASAP! Remember, Mother's Day is right around the corner, and what mom or grandma wouldn't love a portrait of her children or grandchildren as a special Mother's Day gift! So Sami, here ya go...these are just a few of my favorites that caught my eye while I was editing, but I do have A LOT more for you to go through! Enjoy...