Has Your Senioritis Set In?


Now that you’re a senior in high school, a lot of big decisions are going to come up fast, if they haven’t already. You have a lot to think about. It’s a big job. This means college considerations, SAT/ACT prep, building up your volunteer hours and sticking them on your resume—which is totally starting to fill up, by the way. And, of course, in the midst of all that, you still have to juggle school and all its demands, the potential prom and homecoming plans, and then, right there at the end are your plans for graduation. Thing is, before you think about graduation, you have to consider your graduation portraits.

Sure, you could just go with whatever service your school is providing. Those get the job done well enough. But the most exciting results come from a photo shoot customized to you and your preferences.

Gretchen Adams Photography does whatever we can to:

A) Make you comfortable during your shoot B) Make sure you love love loveee your results C) And key the shoot to your personality and hobbies.

On that thread, we’ll help you figure out what looks go best for the results you probably have in mind, what settings would make the photos exemplify who you are, and more. For example, want results that showcase that awesome new cut and color with the highlights you just got? Not a problem. You’re allowed to want those things. This shoot is totally about you! We’ll figure out what time of day is best for this and shoot at the peak of daylight where the sun can really show you and your new do off.

Another thing we like to do is figure you out. What are your hobbies? Do you love music? Bring your instrument along to the shoot, or if it’s not portable, we’ll come to you. Your baby grand piano doesn’t have to budge an inch. Maybe cheer and dance are your after school activity of choice? Bring your poms along for the shoot. Or we can even do a couple shots of you in your dance gear, all done up. This extends all the way down to football/basketball/baseball lovers, the wood shop pros and even the chess club enthusiasts. Again, when you have your senior portraits taken with the professionals at Gretchen Adams Photography, you’re getting a custom shoot that showcases you in all your Senior glory.