"I'm too busy to plan a portrait session! And even if I had the time, the thought of coming up with what to wear for my family overwhelms me."

The majority of our clientele are dual income working professionals, meaning we are use to work with very busy people! We handle all of the details for you. All we need from you is a time to sit down and have a design consultation here at our studio and then we will take the planning from there. As far as wardrobe is concerned, don't worry, you are in good hands! Some people like to handle the outfits themselves and others like for us to take the reins completely. You will be given lots of tips at the design consultation and even given a swatch card with examples of the color palette we have decided on to carry with you while shopping or pulling from your closets. But if you need more assistance, we are here to help! Anything from stopping by your home to help you go through the closets and pulling options to doing all of the actual shopping for you. We are experts at planning and designing portrait sessions, so utilize our expertise as little or as much as you need!

"I've always dreamt of decorating my home with portraits of my kids, but decorating isn't my thing."

One of the benefits of working with us is that you are not only getting an award-winning photographer who has over 17 years experience creating beautiful portraits, but also we have extensive experience with home decor and space planning. Think of us as your personal interior designers who will not only craft gorgeous imagery for you, but will help you plan out how to display your finished pieces in your home.

"I just want to lose 20 pounds first, then I'll finally be ready to have a portrait made."

We hear this a lot, and we get it. But honestly, how you look in a portrait is based more on how you are posed, dressed, and lit than on how much you weigh. Proper posing, angles, and even the length of lens used to create the portrait, can instantly make you look 20 pounds lighter, just as bad posing and angles can add weight. Luckily, you are working with a professional who has years of experience making people look their best. We would not be in business after all of these years if our clients weren't thrilled with the way they looked in their portraits. And this is a topic of conversation at our design consultation. We want to know if there is anything that tends to bother you or your family members in photographs. We also want to know what things you DO like in photographs! We will be paying close attention to downplaying the features you don't love and highlighting the things you do love. Like Vidal Sassoon said...if you don't look good, we don't look good! 

"I have young kids and I'm worried about them following directions."

To give you some background on us as a couple, we have 2 children of our own, one of which happens to have autism and the other is a teenager. There is nothing we have not seen or dealt with. Gretchen also has many years experience directing child care programs and her education was originally focused on early childhood education. We pride ourselves and being able to elicit beautiful and authentic expressions from everyone during the session and children are no exception. We have many tricks up our sleeves (including our famous treasure box that the younger kids love!) and will pull out all the stops to make sure everyone has a wonderful time. This is our promise to you. We have never met a child that we could not win over within 10 minutes. Our secret is we don't say smile, we earn their smile by engaging them and letting their personalities come out.