Our portrait sessions take place everywhere and anywhere...from the rolling hills of the east bay to the lush vineyards of the wine country, to the gorgeous sweeping cliffs of the coast. Where we choose to capture your family portrait will depend on the look and feel we are aiming to capture based on your family's style, taste, and the decor of your home. Some clients are drawn to a formal aesthetic and wish to have their portraits created in an atmosphere that has classic architecture with arches and columns and dress in more formal attire. Other clients may prefer a more casual scene, something with a soft quality of light and the calming feel of a small body of water, where they can pose easily in jeans and snuggle up with the kiddos. And others clients may get really excited about the idea of creating a more urban portrait, with lots of texture of worn walls and old brick buildings. The possibilities are endless and that is exactly why we always start the process with a private design consultation so that we can get to know your taste and style and go over the many options with you to design a look and concept that you will love.

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