Sometimes we don't have to look any farther than our client's own backyard (or front porch) to find the perfect spot for a family portrait session. A session at home has many benefits...it holds a special warmth and meaning as this is the "family home" where your children have/are growing up, it's easy to include your beloved pets, clothes are readily available if someone would like to switch outfits during the session or run an iron back over a piece, we can artfully incorporate personal mementos that will give your portraits extra sentimental value, and it's convenient to you! But don't worry, you don't need a expansive villa or ocean front property to set the scene for a Hearth and Home Session, you just need a place that you love, that your family calls "home" and we will make sure we find beautiful angles and nooks and crannies that will show it (and your family) off in the best light. These sessions always start with a personal "go see" appointment done by Gretchen prior to the portrait shoot to scout out the location and map out the session.  

A Hearth and Home Session is also a wonderful time to include the grandparents in your portrait session. Or if you are the grandparent, it's a wonderful time to invite your adult children and their families over for a portrait!  What matters most is family, and we refer to these generational portrait sessions as a Legacy Portrait.  It's a time to gather the extended family together and celebrate the generations.  Whether a Legacy Portrait Session is being planned out by the adult children or by the grandparents, it's truly a gift for all of the generations. As with any of our sessions, the session does not end with just the family grouping. We also make time to create individual portraits as well as all of the combinations, so grandparents are sure to get some beautiful and special portraits of just them with their grandchildren. When was the last time your parents had a professional portrait made of themselves? If the answer is your wedding a decade ago, then it's time to book this session. Here's a small sampling of some of our sessions created in the comfort of our client's own homes.

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