Attorney Headshots

In addition to my family portraits, I also shoot a variety of professional headshot sessions during the year. My clients vary from business executives to entrepreneurs and designers. Who DOESN'T need a polished headshot these days? Just like with family portraiture, headshot sessions are always unique to your own business or personal needs. This particular session was for an attorney and was done quickly at my private studio. If your photographic needs also involve your office team, a session can be coordinated at your place or business in order to capture headshots for all team members as well as group poses. Outdoor sessions are also a lot of fun for professionals who require a more relaxed and casual headshot look. Again, every shoot is unique, so if you are in need of freshening up your online appearance or your marketing materials, give me a call at the studio and I'd be happy to chat about what I can do for you! Please check out examples from some of our current headshot sessions here.