Planning your high school senior portrait

high school senior portraits Orinda CA gretchen adams photographyHigh school is one of the most memorable stages of life, and it can be bittersweet to leave this stage behind. Capture the memory of your senior year with high school senior portraits. Whether you decide to display it proudly or keep it safe in a photo album, these pictures can evoke fond memories as you move on to the next stage, whether it’s college, a career, or traveling. While you may get a yearbook photo taken by your school’s photographer, you'll probably want a more personal touch. Small studios are able to focus on you so that you are represented in the best possible way. At Gretchen Adams Photography, we can take your photo whether it’s for your yearbook or for a memento. Instead of relying on the typical solid background, we'll have a bit of fun with some travel so that you can get your photograph taken at your school, outdoors, or even at your home. All the details will be considered so that you will look your best in your high school senior portrait.

One of the best things about working with a smaller studio like us is the ability to take your time to get the perfect shot. In a typical school photography shoot, you are rushed and this shows in the final result. At the school, you are also typically limited to headshots, with no flexibility in poses. With Gretchen Adams Photography, you’ll have the time to try out different poses and the fun of different photo touches and lighting. Full body shots are really big, too, so be sure to consider those as one of your potential options. The hard part comes when you have to select the ones you like best, but don't worry, we actually make that a snap with our private in-person preview appointments. We're here to help guide you towards the very best images and the best ways to package them together. Although every family is unique in their portrait needs, most of our clients decide on one of our gorgeous folio box collections so they can have a set of beautifully matted prints with matching digital files.

If you find yourself in the SF bay area, consider consulting Gretchen Adams Photography to learn more about our senior portraits. Instead of waiting to see if you get a photograph you like from a typical school photography session, know that you’ll get excellent results you can be proud of by working with our studio.