What you need to know about headshots

What You Need To Know About HeadshotsHeadshots highlight the facial features of an individual from the top of the head to somewhere around the chest area and are very popular among people who want to establish their name and face in a particular industry. While, they are often used by actors and actresses in the world of performing arts, headshots are not limited to the creative set. Business people and entrepreneurs utilize headshots just as much to promote their services and present themselves as professionals.

Who Might Need Headshots?

You may wonder why a business person like a real estate agent, a contractor, or an event planner, would need a headshot. In actuality, investing in a quality photograph can be highly profitable to business for several reasons. It makes the statement that you care about how your clients view you and that professionalism is important. Plus, isn’t it comforting to enlist services from someone who is more than a name, but also a face? A headshot represents you even before meeting clients. This can take business to the next level.

Tips For Taking An Awesome Headshot

An excellent headshot is one that illuminates one’s true appearance from hair, to eyes, to skin color. The face is the focus here, rather than body type. When photographed in the right lighting, headshots reveal what a person looks like on a regular basis. This kind of picture doesn’t require a lot of staging or make up; it’s just a true shot of person, though natural makeup is always acceptable.

To get an even better photo, solid colors which complement the skin tone should be worn. Excessively bright colors, logos, or busy patterns can take away from the focus of the picture which is the face. Keep in mind, headshots aren’t the same as glamor shots in magazines. The purpose isn’t to model clothing or promote anything but yourself. The photo should be an honest depiction of you.

Clients want to feel like they’re doing business with real people. Headshots provide the perfect opportunity to show personality and give others the chance to see who you are before meeting you. This is a must in the entertainment industry but also in the everyday professional realm. Invest in some polished, high quality headshots and the value will quickly become evident. In fact, if you are in the SF Bay area, trust us here at Gretchen Adams Photography to take care of your professional photo needs. Please check out examples from some of our current headshot sessions here.