Branding your business with professional photos

Gretchen Adams Photography Business HeadshotsIn every industry, there are those businesses that simply set the standard for quality and professionalism. Trust us when we say, you want to be that business! Those who go the extra mile often see the most success. So what is it that sets some apart from others? Creating a signature image or branding oneself is one of the keys to profitability. Though, yes, profitability and branding can be done in a lot of different ways, everyone knows that establishing an online presence is incredibly crucial. Whether you run a small business or are self-employed, the most widespread exposure is found on the Internet, which means that you really want to be branded and individualized from all of the other entrepreneurs out there. When your name or business is searched on the web, what will people see? What images will appear? Will you have a signature presence or will you be obscure?

One of the most important steps to take in branding yourself or your business is to invest in excellent photos. As a progressive individual, professional business portraits are a must-have for moving endeavors forward and broadening a client base.

Pictures divulge a lot about you and the type of service you aim to provide to your clients. So it makes sense that a headshot of you as the leader of your business, and of your industry, can help push potential patrons toward a feeling of comfort and trust when it comes to bringing their business to you. Headshots are certainly that first point-of-contact. Photos are powerful branding tools because they're visual and, therefore, unforgettable. They say a person is less likely to forget something if they can see and visualize it. Professional pictures of you, or your business partners, are different than just a simple company logo. They establish who you are and what you intend to provide. This is more than just a symbol—it's personal.

High quality pictures are so important because they represent you and the amount of care that you've invested into your brand. Therefore, a photo taken at home or on a cell phone won’t exactly be up to par. This is not something that business-minded individuals should cut corners on. The better the quality, the bigger the impact on your ventures.

Professional business headshots and photos can be done in a variety of locales. They can be taken on-location, in the photographer's studio, or at the place of business. Gretchen Adams Photography is a full service studio that knows how to cater to your needs, and produce an image that embodies your brand. Don’t sit on this concept. Take your business to new heights and call us here at Gretchen Adams Photography to schedule your studio session time. Please check out examples of some of our recent headshot sessions here.