The perfect family photo—it's no myth!

family photos walnut creek, CANo home is complete without that perfect family portrait to grace the wall. They capture all types of families, from the largest to the smallest, in a framed moment of togetherness. And, honestly, how beautiful are those moments? These photos are meant to invoke joy and a sense of family pride, but often picture day can turn into a total flop. Here are a few things to remember to ensure a lovely family portrait and a fabulous experience!

  • Don’t worry about everything being perfect. They say you usually find perfection in imperfection anyway. And you can have that perfection, but it shouldn't cost you weeks of stress. The purpose of having the portrait done is to show family unity and happiness for years to come, and to make memories tangible. You definitely don’t want to look at your family portrait and remember it as a point of anxiety. At Gretchen Adams Photography, you’re in the hands of a capable and seasoned photographer.
  • Try to have professional family portraits done regularly. Families change, children are born, parents and grandparents age. This is a perfect reason to make sure every member is counted in your still shots. The holidays are the perfect time to get the whole family together and have a portrait done. Kids are home from school and out of town family members are arriving. You might even give some thought to using the photos as holiday greeting cards!
  • Consider switching up the scenery aesthetic of your portraits. We at Gretchen Adams Photography will shoot for you on-location. This way, you're not confined to a studio if that doesn't work for you. You can have your portrait done in a place where the whole family enjoys being. This includes everywhere from your living room to beautiful wine country in the spring! Get comfortable—when your location is less hectic or confining, your finished photos will reflect that.
  • Be sure that you’re doing business with a reputable and skilled pro! You've heard that photography is an art? It's never been more true. We care about your comforts and concerns for the details of your shoot, down to the very outfits you wear. You can view samples online in order to get a better idea for the high standards being met with our studio. We at Gretchen Adams Photography are dedicated to spending time capturing the best of the best shots for you, and when you work with us, you won’t have to breathe through the hassle of rushed photos shot in your local mall.

Gretchen Adams Photography is located in the San Francisco Bay area, and our professional family shots will not leave you disappointed. We can honestly say that the artistry and expertise shine through every shot, so portrait day won't be "just another stressful ordeal." We've all had them. Contact us in a hurry and schedule a session for your family, because bookings are limited and, as of today, the holidays are officially here!