Eliminate senior portrait stress!

outdoor senior portraits walnut creek One of the great milestones in everyone’s life is graduating high school. There are a few things to look forward to (including the glory of seniority): Homecoming, Prom, and—of course—senior portraits! You know graduation is coming up fast when the topic of senior portraits comes about. Though this is an incredibly exciting time, it can also be a little bit nerve-wracking to make sure that the perfect photo is taken. This is the portrait that everyone is going to see and every family member is going to ask for! The pressure is definitely on! Worry not—Gretchen Adams Photography has all your bases covered. Lots of students use the photography company provided by the school, but many times, seniors see their yearbook photo or their prints and aren't exactly pleased with them. Why is that? Can somebody say, "Re-do!" Well, the reason for this is that the company provided by the school sticks students in a few awkward poses, takes a couple of quick shots, and then jumps on to the next. They don’t pay much attention to hair and make-up, nor do they make sure that all accessories complement the photo. Frankly, they aren’t paid to consider most of those details so, sadly, every celebrating senior just becomes a ticket number.

But no worries!—You've got options. If you're a parent or high school senior, you may want to seek professional photography services elsewhere, like with us here at Gretchen Adams Photography. This way, you aren’t restricted to the poses, the time constraints, and the fixed photo packages of the school. Some senior portraits are taken in cap and gown uniform, but others are taken in the standard black dressy shawl for ladies and suit and tie for men. With Gretchen Adams Photography, the choice is yours! Barefoot with jeans and a tee? Your letterman jacket and a ball cap? Sure! The photograph should be the perfect précis of who you are.

When you independently seek a photographer for senior portraits, you're essentially guaranteeing a top notch and quality experience. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera or taking pictures amongst their peers. Most students would actually prefer a private setting, and a little more time than just a few minutes to get comfortable with the idea of being in front of the camera. Having senior pictures done professionally also means that there are a variety of poses, and even backgrounds, to try, rather than the much smaller selection that may be provided at school. A better photograph means that, ultimately, you have acquired more for your money and the difference in care, quality and sheer aesthetic will be obvious.

If you live in, or can travel to, the San Francisco Bay area and would like to have senior portraits done independently, make sure you get in the studio with us here at Gretchen Adams Photography, and experience what it's like to have photos done with a seasoned professional. Not only will we deliver portraits that you'll be incredibly taken with, but we'll take our time with you and work at your comfort level.