Studio vs. outdoor headshot sessions for men

Outdoor business headshots for men SF Bay Area Sometimes our male headshot clients assume that their headshot should be taken indoors in a studio environment.  That is a pretty common route, and we can certainly create some very polished and modern images in our studio, we do it all the time! But for some business professionals, especially those in a creative field or a highly competitive industry that requires you to really stand out, an outdoor session might be a better fit for you!

When a location shoot is schedule, we choose our locations very carefully. Maybe your headshot set needs to include formal business attire as well as some causal wear so that you have final images to use in a variety of ways. Not a problem! For a more business formal style, we love to use locations that have a lot of hardscape or architectural elements. It helps set a powerful tone, and can be a great compliment to a well-styled business suit. Taking the images outdoors also takes a bit of the “corporate feel” out of the traditional posed headshot. While your images will still come across as very polished and professional, they will also feel more welcoming and authentic. Not everyone thinks to have their headshots created outdoors with natural light, so your headshot will stand out against all the other head-and-shoulders-against-a-white-background headshots that you will see all over social media sites like LinkedIn.

Every business is unique so we work closely with you to plan a session that is just right for the image you want to convey. Give us a call or drop us a note and we’ll be happy to talk with you about what we can create specifically for you!