Why kids ought to be in pictures

children's portraits by Gretchen Adams Photography walnut creek, caWho wouldn't want to freeze all of their little one's precious, candid moments and put them in a frame to keep forever? Kids say and do the most adorably cute things, but their youth is so brief. That's why children's portraits are so incredibly vital. They're time-sensitive memories that people often forget to seize, and in the blink of an eye, years have drifted by. Parents, you may be avoiding the idea of professional children's portraits for fear that your little one won’t cooperate or sit still for very long. This is completely understandable, but what's great is that there are photographers who are experienced in working with children and have more than enough patience and skill to get through a session, and to do so with finesse and ease. The importance of children's photos cannot be stressed enough. As time passes, grandparents are going to want to look back and share memories of their grandkids with friends. Those same kids are going to grow up fast and become nostalgic—let's be honest, haven't we all been there? It’s so worth it to catch those moments of innocence.

A Few Ideas

You can have these portraits of your children done in-studio, in a variety of poses and backgrounds, or you could do something unconventional and book a shoot on-location, in a place where he or she is comfortable. At Gretchen Adams Photography, our specialty is casual, yet polished photos. Have some candid shots taken of your little ones playing or running around with siblings. It's like tackling 3 different things: new memories are created, the children are having a great time, and the portraits look beautiful, natural, and totally genuine.

Often, when people think about kids in professional photos, they think about dressing the child in their nicest sweater, getting their hair to look just right, not a strand out of place. And this is great if your child is old enough to maintain the look, but if you’ve got a very young one who can’t stand dresses or ties, then it might be a good idea to have an on-location session in a comfortable place where things aren’t so perfectly postured.

In children's photo shoots, you need a photographer who is professional, flexible, and patient! You want to be able to collaborate on ideas and get the best results. You can check out our line of work here and see for yourself that simplifying the entire experience for you and your child will yield gorgeous photos that will be in your family for many, many years. Contact Gretchen Adams Photography today!