Putting on a winning face

business headshots SF Bay AreaYou probably know how important image is when trying to attract clients. Although our society has always had an affinity for looks, modern technology has definitely driven people to become more visually acute. You see these aesthetics of advertising in any print ad or television commercial, to the point that we all have to admit that we'll try a product based, simply, on the way it looks or how appealing the packaging is. When you provide a service, you're basically selling yourself, so you have to make sure that your visual impact will drive your business. A good headshot can be your best ally when it comes to persuading a potential consumer to seek out your expertise. If a customer likes the way you look, or feels that your the photo on your website looks trustworthy, then you'll almost certainly have the guarantee of a new client.

visual cues

You may have tried taking your own pictures. Selfies definitely run rampant on the Internet, but they're not always the most flattering images. Part of the issue with this route for headshots is that, since you're viewing yourself, you don’t have the same objectivity that a professional photographer can give you. At Gretchen Adams Photography, we not only take great headshots, but we can also help you choose which images will reach your intended market.

When you look at your photos, you're also seeing them through the perspective of your own self image. If you’re having a stressful or off day, you tend to see your own pictures differently than you would on a good day. We can help to give you that objective eye, by putting you at ease, photographing you from different angles, and also taking your headshots in an environment where you feel most at home.

overdoing the editing

Of course, everyone wants to look their best, and editing software for photographs is used extensively for celebrities, models, and anyone who has their face in print. You may have some experience with editing your own pictures, but are your touch-ups turning off your clients? It’s very common to have your pictures end up looking unauthentic, and this can make your potential customers feel that you aren’t trustworthy. What you want is a natural looking headshot that highlights your best features, and is inviting to other people.

Contact us here at Gretchen Adams Photography. We can set you up to get your professional headshots taken. You’ll end up with a series of pictures that appeal to a range of customers, and make you look like the superstar you absolutely are! This can drive your business, and brand your name for better marketing reach.

light & shadows

Your new headshots can not only drive more service sales and business by providing an appealing face for your venture, but they can also communicate the fact that you’re a professional. Think about it. A shoddy image projects the idea that you’re not as capable as you really are. Your business deserves to be well represented, and an image that says you have experience will also be an image that looks polished. We give you that edge, not only by helping you look awesome, but also by giving you headshots that are high quality.

Gretchen Adams Photography can provide your business image with a richness that’s generated with the expert use of light and shadows. You’ll have a realistic representation of yourself that’s also appealing. We can help you show the world that you are a competent business person, and you can show your customers that your business is worth the effort of a great portrait.