business headshots

Putting on a winning face

business headshots SF Bay AreaYou probably know how important image is when trying to attract clients. Although our society has always had an affinity for looks, modern technology has definitely driven people to become more visually acute. You see these aesthetics of advertising in any print ad or television commercial, to the point that we all have to admit that we'll try a product based, simply, on the way it looks or how appealing the packaging is. When you provide a service, you're basically selling yourself, so you have to make sure that your visual impact will drive your business. A good headshot can be your best ally when it comes to persuading a potential consumer to seek out your expertise. If a customer likes the way you look, or feels that your the photo on your website looks trustworthy, then you'll almost certainly have the guarantee of a new client.

visual cues

You may have tried taking your own pictures. Selfies definitely run rampant on the Internet, but they're not always the most flattering images. Part of the issue with this route for headshots is that, since you're viewing yourself, you don’t have the same objectivity that a professional photographer can give you. At Gretchen Adams Photography, we not only take great headshots, but we can also help you choose which images will reach your intended market.

When you look at your photos, you're also seeing them through the perspective of your own self image. If you’re having a stressful or off day, you tend to see your own pictures differently than you would on a good day. We can help to give you that objective eye, by putting you at ease, photographing you from different angles, and also taking your headshots in an environment where you feel most at home.

overdoing the editing

Of course, everyone wants to look their best, and editing software for photographs is used extensively for celebrities, models, and anyone who has their face in print. You may have some experience with editing your own pictures, but are your touch-ups turning off your clients? It’s very common to have your pictures end up looking unauthentic, and this can make your potential customers feel that you aren’t trustworthy. What you want is a natural looking headshot that highlights your best features, and is inviting to other people.

Contact us here at Gretchen Adams Photography. We can set you up to get your professional headshots taken. You’ll end up with a series of pictures that appeal to a range of customers, and make you look like the superstar you absolutely are! This can drive your business, and brand your name for better marketing reach.

light & shadows

Your new headshots can not only drive more service sales and business by providing an appealing face for your venture, but they can also communicate the fact that you’re a professional. Think about it. A shoddy image projects the idea that you’re not as capable as you really are. Your business deserves to be well represented, and an image that says you have experience will also be an image that looks polished. We give you that edge, not only by helping you look awesome, but also by giving you headshots that are high quality.

Gretchen Adams Photography can provide your business image with a richness that’s generated with the expert use of light and shadows. You’ll have a realistic representation of yourself that’s also appealing. We can help you show the world that you are a competent business person, and you can show your customers that your business is worth the effort of a great portrait.

Studio vs. outdoor headshot sessions for men

Outdoor business headshots for men SF Bay Area Sometimes our male headshot clients assume that their headshot should be taken indoors in a studio environment.  That is a pretty common route, and we can certainly create some very polished and modern images in our studio, we do it all the time! But for some business professionals, especially those in a creative field or a highly competitive industry that requires you to really stand out, an outdoor session might be a better fit for you!

When a location shoot is schedule, we choose our locations very carefully. Maybe your headshot set needs to include formal business attire as well as some causal wear so that you have final images to use in a variety of ways. Not a problem! For a more business formal style, we love to use locations that have a lot of hardscape or architectural elements. It helps set a powerful tone, and can be a great compliment to a well-styled business suit. Taking the images outdoors also takes a bit of the “corporate feel” out of the traditional posed headshot. While your images will still come across as very polished and professional, they will also feel more welcoming and authentic. Not everyone thinks to have their headshots created outdoors with natural light, so your headshot will stand out against all the other head-and-shoulders-against-a-white-background headshots that you will see all over social media sites like LinkedIn.

Every business is unique so we work closely with you to plan a session that is just right for the image you want to convey. Give us a call or drop us a note and we’ll be happy to talk with you about what we can create specifically for you!

Branding your business with professional photos

Gretchen Adams Photography Business HeadshotsIn every industry, there are those businesses that simply set the standard for quality and professionalism. Trust us when we say, you want to be that business! Those who go the extra mile often see the most success. So what is it that sets some apart from others? Creating a signature image or branding oneself is one of the keys to profitability. Though, yes, profitability and branding can be done in a lot of different ways, everyone knows that establishing an online presence is incredibly crucial. Whether you run a small business or are self-employed, the most widespread exposure is found on the Internet, which means that you really want to be branded and individualized from all of the other entrepreneurs out there. When your name or business is searched on the web, what will people see? What images will appear? Will you have a signature presence or will you be obscure?

One of the most important steps to take in branding yourself or your business is to invest in excellent photos. As a progressive individual, professional business portraits are a must-have for moving endeavors forward and broadening a client base.

Pictures divulge a lot about you and the type of service you aim to provide to your clients. So it makes sense that a headshot of you as the leader of your business, and of your industry, can help push potential patrons toward a feeling of comfort and trust when it comes to bringing their business to you. Headshots are certainly that first point-of-contact. Photos are powerful branding tools because they're visual and, therefore, unforgettable. They say a person is less likely to forget something if they can see and visualize it. Professional pictures of you, or your business partners, are different than just a simple company logo. They establish who you are and what you intend to provide. This is more than just a symbol—it's personal.

High quality pictures are so important because they represent you and the amount of care that you've invested into your brand. Therefore, a photo taken at home or on a cell phone won’t exactly be up to par. This is not something that business-minded individuals should cut corners on. The better the quality, the bigger the impact on your ventures.

Professional business headshots and photos can be done in a variety of locales. They can be taken on-location, in the photographer's studio, or at the place of business. Gretchen Adams Photography is a full service studio that knows how to cater to your needs, and produce an image that embodies your brand. Don’t sit on this concept. Take your business to new heights and call us here at Gretchen Adams Photography to schedule your studio session time. Please check out examples of some of our recent headshot sessions here.

What you need to know about headshots

What You Need To Know About HeadshotsHeadshots highlight the facial features of an individual from the top of the head to somewhere around the chest area and are very popular among people who want to establish their name and face in a particular industry. While, they are often used by actors and actresses in the world of performing arts, headshots are not limited to the creative set. Business people and entrepreneurs utilize headshots just as much to promote their services and present themselves as professionals.

Who Might Need Headshots?

You may wonder why a business person like a real estate agent, a contractor, or an event planner, would need a headshot. In actuality, investing in a quality photograph can be highly profitable to business for several reasons. It makes the statement that you care about how your clients view you and that professionalism is important. Plus, isn’t it comforting to enlist services from someone who is more than a name, but also a face? A headshot represents you even before meeting clients. This can take business to the next level.

Tips For Taking An Awesome Headshot

An excellent headshot is one that illuminates one’s true appearance from hair, to eyes, to skin color. The face is the focus here, rather than body type. When photographed in the right lighting, headshots reveal what a person looks like on a regular basis. This kind of picture doesn’t require a lot of staging or make up; it’s just a true shot of person, though natural makeup is always acceptable.

To get an even better photo, solid colors which complement the skin tone should be worn. Excessively bright colors, logos, or busy patterns can take away from the focus of the picture which is the face. Keep in mind, headshots aren’t the same as glamor shots in magazines. The purpose isn’t to model clothing or promote anything but yourself. The photo should be an honest depiction of you.

Clients want to feel like they’re doing business with real people. Headshots provide the perfect opportunity to show personality and give others the chance to see who you are before meeting you. This is a must in the entertainment industry but also in the everyday professional realm. Invest in some polished, high quality headshots and the value will quickly become evident. In fact, if you are in the SF Bay area, trust us here at Gretchen Adams Photography to take care of your professional photo needs. Please check out examples from some of our current headshot sessions here.

Attorney Headshots

In addition to my family portraits, I also shoot a variety of professional headshot sessions during the year. My clients vary from business executives to entrepreneurs and designers. Who DOESN'T need a polished headshot these days? Just like with family portraiture, headshot sessions are always unique to your own business or personal needs. This particular session was for an attorney and was done quickly at my private studio. If your photographic needs also involve your office team, a session can be coordinated at your place or business in order to capture headshots for all team members as well as group poses. Outdoor sessions are also a lot of fun for professionals who require a more relaxed and casual headshot look. Again, every shoot is unique, so if you are in need of freshening up your online appearance or your marketing materials, give me a call at the studio and I'd be happy to chat about what I can do for you! Please check out examples from some of our current headshot sessions here.

Jen's headshots | Concord, Ca

  My beautiful client, Jen, just landed an awesome position at a lifestyle PR firm and needed a few quick headshots for her bio page on the company website. I've been photographing her and her sweet little boys for several years, and they just recently relocated down to the San Luis Obispo area to start a new and exciting chapter in their lives! Since she was going to be passing through the Bay Area over the weekend, we were able to coordinate a quick shoot over at my place so we could knock out her headshots before her first day of work on Monday. Not only is Jen a beautiful person, but she's loads of fun and her positive, ambitious attitude towards life is truly contagious.  I’m so glad I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know her over the years! Please check out examples from some of our current headshot sessions here.

Hip Chick Designs | Benicia Arsenal

Carrie, the owner and creative brain behind "Hip Chick Design" is one of the delightful artist down in the Benicia Arsenal and her shop is just adorable. She finds and sells the most unique and vintage treasures and also a massive collection of the most gorgeous tutus you will ever find! I'm not kidding when I say "massive". There are tutus hanging from the rafters, on the vintage mannequins, on Carrie herself, everywhere! And in every color!  But not only does Carrie maintain a wonderful selection of treasures to purchase in her shop, she is also a very talented artist and the shop is also her art studio. Her art ranges from painting, to mixed media collage, and also she creates custom pet portraits that she can paint from a favorite photograph of your pet. Carrie and I recently spent an afternoon just playing around the arsenal and creating some fun shots of her tutus and her shop. I hope this gives you a little taste of the creative vibe down in this little corner of Benicia! Please check out other examples of headshot sessions here.undefinedundefinedundefined  undefined undefinedundefined undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined